Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on April 25 2020

Trusted Marketplace to buy and sell any and all unwanted goods with value.  We ensure that all goods to be sold are actual goods and, in the state, condition, quantity, as described by the seller.  We ensure that buyers are actual people committed to buy the goods that they are interested in.

It is a place where willing sellers meets buyers through our secure portal and dedicated drop-off and pickup points.  No need to waste time and energy on time wasters or scammers.

For any queries contact us on.


Phone: (011) 768-0731

Whatsapp: (061) 910-5348

  • There will be no added packaging fees on products. Buyers commission will change to 12,5% (Vat inclusive) regardless of where the product is or where the product will be collected. All products will have a R10.00 (Vat inclusive) fulfilment fee.
    • Previous structures
      • Roodepoort Product with Roodepoort Collection – 10% + Packaging (R0.00 – R80.00)
      • Newlands Product with Newlands Collection – 10% + Packaging (R0.00 – R80.00)
      • Mixed Products/Collection points – 15% + Packaging (R0.00 – R80.00)
    • New Structure for 2021
      • 12,5% buyers commission + R10.00 fulfilment fee (Vat inclusive)
    • We have changed the structures to have a level bidding ground for inter branch bids. This will also simply the collection process as goods will cost the same regardless of where you collect.  Simply select your nearest branch.

The main reasons why the system is not taking any bids could be any on the following reasons.

  • New registration – your account is under review and bids will only be accepted once it has been approved.
  • You have unpaid orders – Past orders have not been paid, bidding will not be allowed if you have unpaid orders.  If payment has been made contact or Whtasapp (061) 910-5348.
  • You are the seller – Vendors selling goods are not allowed to bid on own items.  This is to protect the buyer to compete in a fair auction environment.

Quick Bids

  • When viewing items from the “Auction Closing Soon” – or Categories pages there are tabs “Quick Bid” by clicking this button you are placing the next bid on said item.

Proxy Bids

  • Proxy Bids is when the system bids on your behalf up to a certain amount, it will keep bidding until your max has been reached.
  • To place a proxy bid simple go into the product that you like and edit the amount by clicking +- buttons or by manually editing the amount and click the hammer.
  • Proxy bids example – You place a proxy on item for R500.00 and the current bid is R100.00 with R25.00 bid increments.  The system will automatically bid R125.00 on your behalf.  This process will continue until no one bids anymore or your proxy bid has been passed by someone else.  If the second biggest bid is R300.00 you will win auction at R325.00 and not R500.00.
  • All proxy bids are secured and encrypted.

This only happens when you are placing a proxy bid on an item that has a proxy bid already in place by someone else.  In this case it will determine the higher proxy between the users and place the following bid increment on the smaller users proxy.

  • Example – User A places proxy of R500.00 on item X.  User 2 likes the same item and places a proxy bid of R1000.00 on item x.  The normal bid increments are R25.00 for item x.  The system will now calculate that user 2 has the higher proxy and the new bid will be R525.00 for user 2.
  • In the case where 2 users has entered the same proxy – The bid will be with the user who has placed the bid first.

Every item has a tab “Auction History” – This shows the exact time, user and amount of the bids that have been placed.

Bids marked with “Auto: is proxy bids.

When you receive a message “You have been outbid” it means that someone has placed a proxy bid in this item.  You can view the auction history tab and it will show the user, amount and auto.

Please take note that you won’t be able to see the amount of the proxy bidder.  This is to protect the user who has placed the bid.

When a bid has been placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction the timer will extend with 2 minutes, giving the last bidder a chance to counter bid. This process can continue until there are no more bids in the last 5 minutes.
This is called a bidding war and is in place to protect the seller from any online snipping tactics.

All items have a star rating on the products.

  • 5 Stars – Brand new, unused and unopened
  • 4 Stars – 100% working condition – like new but have been used or opened.
  • 3 Stars – 100% working – Age related wear and tear.
  • 2 Stars – Not working / Needs attention.
  • 1 Star – Not Working / Untested

No item will be canceled if you are the winning bid.  Please make sure of item conditions before placing a bid.  Please take note that there is a tab on each item “Ask a question” if you need more info.

When an item is secured by placing a bid or order, E Hawker will see that as a binding acceptance of the before mentioned condition.

Please take note of the condition of items before placing a bid.  In the case where a user has bought an item and the condition of the item where not declared 100% by the seller a refund will be issued and the seller will be liable for any cost due to the misinformation.

Please take note that no refunds will be given on 1 and 2 star items.

Buyers has 24 hours from collection to notify E Hawker via email or Whatsapp (061) 910-5348 that refund is due.

When this happens a user should notify E Hawker immediately via email: or Whatsapp (061) 910-5348.  Please take note that bids placed in the last 30 minutes cannot be deleted.

If this is a continues error the users account can be suspend.

When this happens a user should notify E Hawker immediately via email: or Whatsapp (061) 910-5348.  Please take note that proxy bids placed in the last 30 minutes cannot be deleted.

If this is a continues error the users account can be suspend.

The item will be moved to your basket ready for checkout.

Users do not have to checkout for each item individually, after all auctions has completed for the day all items won will be added to your basket automatically.

All checkouts to be completed daily after the last item has been sold.  No future bids will be accepted until all items have been checked out.

Failure to checkout before 12h00 the following day will result in items being relisted and user account being blocked and closed.

Payment to be made with checkout immediately.  When orders are not paid the user account will not be able to place bids on future auctions until payment has been received.

Please take note of the following payment options available.

  • EFT – Proof of payment to be sent to or sms (061) 910-5348.  Please take note you will not be able to bid until proof of payment has been sent.
  • E Hawker Wallet – Pay directly from your E Hawker Wallet.  Payments will reflect immediately and account will be open to bid.  To top up your wallet visit the My E Hawker Wallet page.
  • YOCO – Please take note that a 5% admin fee is applicable when using this option.  Account will not be able to place future bids until payment has been received.
  • CASH @ any FNB ATM only – no Branch deposits

The E Hawker Wallet is an easy way to pay for all orders on E Hawker.  All orders are processed immediately and accounts will be able to keep bidding.  No need to send proof of payment.  Simple add funds to your wallet by clicking Menu – My  Wallet, pay via EFT or Cash Deposit at ATM only (No branch cash deposits allowed).  You can view a complete transaction history via your wallet page.

Partial payment of orders are allowed on checkout when you do not have enough funds in your wallet.  The balance are payable by any other option EFT, Cash @ FNB ATM or YOCO.  Bids could also be blocked when payment of the balance is delayed.

Please take note only orders marked “Ready for collection” will be processed.

Please take note that collections only available Mon – Fri 09h00 – 16h00.

Depending on your selected checkout method collections will be available at:

  • Roodepoort – 9 Australorp Rd, Princess, Roodepoort
  • Florida – Rhodes Park Florida North 29. Corner Ontdekkers on Rhodes. Shop 16

Please take note collections only available once a email/notification has been received “Ready for collections”.  We would need a collection once a week, please take note bids could be blocked if a collection on outstanding orders are delayed.

To sell contact to receive a self upload guide

All sales will have a listing fee of R10.00 per lot plus relevant sellers’ commissions

  • Self-loaders commission @ 20% – Please take note that it is the seller’s responsibility to disclose all info that might impact the price of the item. Any misleading info will result in return and refund of listed item.  Please note items that have missing info (sizes, working condition etc) will be listed as 1 star.
  • Drop & Go commission @ 30% – Please take note that E Hawker will group and list items as they see fit. We will not test any items and will sell goods where applicable as 1 star.

All withdrawals will have a 7-day waiting period.  This is to allow refunds and returns period for buyers.  Withdrawal days are Wednesdays and Fridays.  Withdrawal charge R10.00 applicable.