General Terms & Condition

General item disclosure

The items are to the best of E Hawker’s knowledge an authentic item.

All items will have a general description of condition. All items will have star rating:

  • 5 Stars – Brand new, unused, and unopened
  • 4 Stars – 100% working condition – like new but have been used or opened.
  • 3 Stars – 100% working – Age related wear and tear.
  • 2 Stars – Not working / Needs attention.
  • 1 Star – Not Working / Untested

Please take note that no returns will be accepted on items 1 and 2 Stars.

When an item is secured by placing a bid or order, E Hawker will see that as a binding acceptance of the before mentioned condition.

Please therefor make sure you are happy with the condition of the items. No cancellation of an item will be allowed.


All goods to be paid immediately.

Please take note that no bids will be able to be placed when payment of previous orders are still outstanding. To avoid accounts from bid suspension, send proof of payment to Alternatively make use of the E Hawker Wallet where orders are processed immediately.

Please take note that when paying via YOCO a 5% admin fee will be added.



  • Checkouts needs to be completed after all auctions have closed and no later than 12h00 Wednesdays. All unchecked out items will be relisted at the sale price and accounts closed and blocked.  Please take note that goods need to be collected within 7 days, additional long stay options available at extra cost. The following checkout options will be available.
    • Roodepoort / Florida collection within 7 days – No additional cost added only commission applicable
    • Roodepoort / Florida long stay 2 weeks Max – R10.00 added per product.
    • Ready to courier – R35.00 added to prepare order for courier (Courier to be placed by buyer)
    • Local delivery 10km radius – R125.00 flat fee.
  • Please note bids will be blocked if time has lapsed for collection.

Collection, Transport and Delivery

  • Collection of goods
    • Only orders marked/notified “Ready for collection” will be handled for collection. To track orders please click “My Account” – Click “Order”
    • Order collection to be done once a week. Future bids to be blocked if collection is delayed.  Alternative long stay option available @ extra cost.
  • Delivery
    • Local delivery available at additional fees
    • Deliveries to be done 10km radius from E Hawker Offices
    • Deliveries only on fully paid orders
    • Additional delivery terms and conditions
      • Delivery between hours 09h00 – 16h00
      • Delivery notifications to be sent – no appointments
      • Delivery to address as per order only
      • Goods to be delivered only, no moving of goods to final resting space. Goods to be delivered to ground floors only. i.e., carports or garage
    • Delivery selected outside our delivery zone
      • Customer to be notified that no delivery will be done.
      • Goods to be collected at Branch within 7 days.
      • Delivery cost returned to customer via E Hawker Wallet (Credit)
    • Missed or failed delivery by fault of customer
      • Goods to be returned to branch for collection only
      • Delivery cost forfeited



Buyers Commission

E Hawker would charge a flat rate of 12.5% + R10.00 (inclusive of VAT).


General Terms & Condition – Vendors

General item disclosure

It is the sole responsibility of the seller to disclose all items to the best of their abilities.  Any faults, damages or repairs on items to be sold should be disclosed with the submitting of said product.

Item ownership

All items to be sold should be the property of the seller, no items will be sold that has been stolen / under contract with third party / under any loan agreement.  If you sell an item on behalf of a third party that you have the necessary written permission – E Hawker would not be held responsible for any claims that may arise against any vendor/seller.

Refunds / Returns

  • Please take note refunds and returns will only be issued on 3, 4, or 5 star ratted items where the seller has provided misleading info. Please take note that refund queries will only be available for 7 days.  Long stay orders and collections after the 7-day period will have no refunds as the seller will already have been paid out.
  • Please note goods collected by courier will void refunds and returns.
  • All refunds to be for the sellers account, where applicable.

Withdrawal / Payment / Commissions


All sales will have a listing fee of R10.00 per lot plus relevant sellers’ commissions

  • Self-loaders commission @ 20% – Please take note that it is the seller’s responsibility to disclose all info that might impact the price of the item. Any misleading info will result in return and refund of listed item.  Please note items that have missing info (sizes, working condition etc) will be listed as 1 star.
  • Drop & Go commission @ 30% – Please take note that E Hawker will group and list items as they see fit. We will not test any items and will sell goods where applicable as 1 star.

Withdrawal and payment

All withdrawals will have a 7-day waiting period.  This is to allow refunds and returns period for buyers.  Withdrawal days are Wednesdays and Fridays.  Withdrawal charge R10.00 applicable.


Packaging Cost

  • All items where packaging needed should be supplied by the seller. Proper box to be used that can be sealed, or heavy-duty see-through plastic bags. If goods are dropped and packaging does not meet E Hawker standards cost will be added to seller’s account. 


Reserve and no reserve auctions.

Please take note E Hawker will no longer be selling items on reserve price.  All items to be sold to the highest bid with no reserve.

No reserve products that have been approved needs to be delivered to the premises of E Hawker before going live on the site.

Any items published on E Hawker may not be removed or withdrawn for any reason whatsoever.