Introducing E Hawker Wallet

The easiest way to pay for all your orders on E Hawker, simply click “My Wallet” in the menu or this link to add funds.  During checkout it will provide you the option to use funds from your wallet to pay for orders.  If you do not have sufficient funds in your wallet to pay for an order you will be able to pay the balance via any other method (EFT, Swipe, or Payfast).  Users that make use of the wallet system will also be allowed to sell goods on E Hawker at reserve prices.  For more info visit the vendor information page.

Benefits of using the E Hawker Wallet

  • All orders are processed immediately – No bid blocking due to payment delays
  • No added Admin fees – Admin Fees 5% added to Swipe on collection and Payfast
  • Track your spending on E Hawker – Access your transaction history via My Wallet – Transaction History or this link
  • Sell goods on E Hawker at your own reserve price