E Hawker – What’s new?

A new year brings a new start and here are some changes that will increase the quality of the goods on E Hawker.  E Hawker will move to a “once a week” auction time slot to increase our productivity and add some value-added services like delivery and collections.

Auction Dates and times

  • Auctions will close once a week on Tuesdays @ 14h00, 16h00 and 18h00. Goods will be categorized between these closing times to have similar items closing together.  Please take note that the quantity of lots will increase and it is best practice to make use of proxy bids to get your bids in before closing times.

Buyers Commission

  • There will be no added packaging fees on products. Buyers commission will change to 12,5% (Vat inclusive) regardless of where the product is or where the product will be collected. All products will have a R10.00 (Vat inclusive) fulfilment fee.
    • Previous structures
      • Roodepoort Product with Roodepoort Collection – 10% + Packaging (R0.00 – R80.00)
      • Newlands Product with Newlands Collection – 10% + Packaging (R0.00 – R80.00)
      • Mixed Products/Collection points – 15% + Packaging (R0.00 – R80.00)
    • New Structure for 2021
      • 12,5% buyers commission + R10.00 fulfilment fee (Vat inclusive)
    • We have changed the structures to have a level bidding ground for inter branch bids. This will also simply the collection process as goods will cost the same regardless of where you collect.  Simply select your nearest branch.

Checkouts, collection and deliveries

  • Checkouts needs to be completed after all auctions have closed and no later than 12h00 Wednesdays. All unchecked out items will be relisted at the sale price and accounts closed and blocked.  Please take note that goods need to be collected within 7 days, additional long stay options available at extra cost. The following checkout options will be available.
    • Roodepoort / Florida collection within 7 days – No additional cost added only commission applicable
    • Roodepoort / Florida long stay 2 weeks Max – R10.00 added per product.
    • Ready to courier – R35.00 added to prepare order for courier (Courier to be placed by buyer)
    • Local delivery 10km radius – R125.00 flat fee.
  • Please note bids will be blocked if time has lapsed for collection.

Refunds and returns

  • Please take note refunds and returns will only be issued on 3, 4, or 5 star ratted items where the seller has provided misleading info. Please take note that refund queries will only be available for 7 days.  Long stay orders and collections after the 7-day period will have no refunds as the seller will already have been paid out.
  • Please note goods collected by courier will void refunds and returns.
  • All refunds to be for the sellers account, where applicable.

Sales, packaging and withdrawals

All sales will have a listing fee of R10.00 per lot plus relevant sellers’ commissions

  • Self-loaders commission @ 20% – Please take note that it is the seller’s responsibility to disclose all info that might impact the price of the item. Any misleading info will result in return and refund of listed item.  Please note items that have missing info (sizes, working condition etc) will be listed as 1 star.
  • Drop & Go commission @ 30% – Please take note that E Hawker will group and list items as they see fit. We will not test any items and will sell goods where applicable as 1 star.


  • All items where packaging needed should be supplied by the seller. Proper box to be used that can be sealed, or heavy-duty see-through plastic bags. If goods are dropped and packaging does not meet E Hawker standards cost will be added to seller’s account.


All withdrawals will have a 7-day waiting period.  This is to allow refunds and returns period for buyers.  Withdrawal days are Wednesdays and Fridays.  Withdrawal charge R10.00 applicable.