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Emigrations, Liquidations & Deceased Estates

Emigration sale of household contents

Emigrations, Liquidations & Deceased Estates

Emigrating? Sale of household contents. Say goodbye to your stuff without saying goodbye to your sanity. Our online platform turns your clutter into cash with ease. From moving abroad to clearing out estates, we've got you covered. Let the bidding begin! We can assist with emigrations, liquidations & deceased estates.

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Getting Started Is Easy

Simply register as a seller.  Upload items via a user-friendly dashboard.  Get collection quote.  Track your sales. Prepare goods for collection.  Collection and payment.

01. Register Account

02. Upload items

03. Collection cost quote

04. Track sales from secured dashboard

05. Prepare goods for collection

06. Receive payment & Collection

What can I sell?

Items not allowed to sell.

Please note the following items may not be sold on E Hawker.

Frequently asked questions

By selling items on auction at no reserve, you allow potential buyers to compete and bid on the item, driving up its value. This method ensures that the final selling price reflects the true market value of the second-hand item. Additionally, providing detailed descriptions and high-quality photographs can also help attract more potential buyers and increase the chances of getting a fair price for your item.

No – By setting a reserve price, you limit the potential number of interested buyers and may struggle to achieve the true market value of your item. 

Item Based Commissions (20% + R0.00 – 17.5% + R0.00) (VAT Inc)

Payments are made via EFT paid and cleared on day of collection.  Please note 75% paid on the day of collection.  25% will be retained until all items  qualify for a withdrawal. 

An item is seen as qualified as soon as auction has been completed – buyer has successfully completed checkout and payment – 7 day  refund period has lapsed if applicable.

All collections are outsourced to 3rd party collection specialist LOAD IT.  E Hawker will assist with the booking  and payment of collection.  Quotes to be given in advance before sale commence.  For more info go to


All items selling as a lot to be wrapped / bagged / boxed where appropriate.  On successful registration will you receive a “How to guide” for uploading, packing and dashboard management.

After items have been uploaded and approved will it be visible and advertised online on E Hawker.  For best results should items be on auction 7 days with auction closing +- 3 days before predetermined collection date. 

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