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Buyers Refund & Returns

  • Please take note refunds and returns will only be issued on items where a refund is applicable. To log a refund request, click “My Account – Click Orders – Click Refund. Refund will only be available for 7 days.  Long stay orders and collections after the 7-day period will have no refunds as the refund period has lapsed.
  • Please note all refunds voided when using a 3rd party to collect on your behalf.
  • All refunds to be for the sellers account, where applicable.

Sellers Refund & Returns

  • Please take note refunds and returns will be granted to the buyer where a refund is applicable for a period of 7days.
  • Items listed without a refund may still be refundable if E Hawker can determine that there where malicious intent when creating the listing. i.e. false pretenses, contradicting information, or item not in general condition as advertised on the listing.
  • Please note any reports from buyers after 7 days that have a reasonable request for refund could be added to seller’s account.
  • Continues refunds on vendor profile could result in account suspension.
  • Please note refund processed will be on the hammer price and not the price after commissions.
  • Items with a refund will not be relisted on E Hawker and would need to be collected by the seller.  Failure to collect will result in items being disposed of within 7 days, with no compensation to the seller.