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15 x Die cast 1:43 models ,hot wheels

Winning Bid: R276.00 Auction finished
Seller:  578

1960’s Rotary watch, (Manual winding)

Winning Bid: R401.00 Auction finished
Seller:  578

2 Drawer Cabinets with Wheels

Winning Bid: R26.00 Auction finished
Seller:  495

2 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet

Winning Bid: R126.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2118

2 Fishbowls and More

Winning Bid: R76.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2118

2 High Back Chairs

Winning Bid: R101.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2118

2 Large Steel Pot Holders

Winning Bid: R151.00 Auction finished
Seller:  4941

2 Modern Adjustable Bar Chairs

Winning Bid: R403.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2118
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2 Plastic Chairs

Starting bid: R1.00 Time left
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Seller:  2118

2 Single Beds

Winning Bid: R851.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2118

2 Stackable Cabinets & 1 Office Drawer

Winning Bid: R26.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2069
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2 Stained Pine Display Cabinets on Wheels

Starting bid: R1.00 Starting in
Seller:  2118

2 Well Used Office Chairs

Winning Bid: R301.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2118

2 Wire Cars

Winning Bid: R176.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2118

2 x beer mugs

Winning Bid: R51.00 Auction finished
Seller:  2686

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