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Sell my unwanted items.

Introducing Box-It Auctions

Sell my unwanted items. Got extra stuff lying around? Turn clutter into cash and simplify your life with Box-it auctions! We'll help you sell all your unused items in one go with our convenient box system. Just pack compatible items together and send to E Hawker via PUDO (max size: 60 × 41 × 69cm, 20kg). From quirky knick-knacks to vintage gems, we accept a wide range of items for auction. No more scheduling appointments, chasing payments, or shipping individual items - we take care of everything. Let us do the heavy lifting while you sit back, relax, and profit from your newfound space.

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Getting Started Is Easy

Simply register as a seller.  Upload items via a user-friendly dashboard.  Pack and send box via PUDO. Track your sales.  Receive payment.

01. Register Account

02. Upload items

03. Send items via PUDO

04. Track sales from secured dashboard

05. Receive payment

What can I sell?

Items not allowed to sell.

Due to the nature of the shipment of items via PUDO and second-hand act limitations the following items are prohibited on E Hawker

Frequently asked questions

By selling items on auction at no reserve, you allow potential buyers to compete and bid on the item, driving up its value. This method ensures that the final selling price reflects the true market value of the second-hand item. Additionally, providing detailed descriptions and high-quality photographs can also help attract more potential buyers and increase the chances of getting a fair price for your item.

No – By setting a reserve price, you limit the potential number of interested buyers and may struggle to achieve the true market value of your item. 

Item Based Commissions (20% + R15.00 – 12.5% + R0.00) (VAT Inc)

Payments are made via EFT, E Wallet or ABSA Cash Send.  Withdrawal requests are submitted by seller on all qualifying items.

An item is seen as qualified as soon as auction has been completed – buyer has successfully completed checkout and payment – refund period has lapsed if applicable.

Please see how to book a Pudo via this link  Alternatively, can we arrange the Pudo booking from our side at additional cost.  Always use option Locker – Locker as the cheapest option.

All items selling as a lot to be wrapped / bagged / boxed where appropriate.  All lots then packed in one box to be sent via Pudo.  On successful registration will you receive a “How to guide” for uploading, packing and dashboard management.

60 x 41 x 69cm – 20kg

You can go smaller if needed – however declutter your home / office and send one box to maximise your return.

You can use any second-hand sealable box that is still strong and sturdy.  Alternatively, can you purchase boxes from any Westpack, Boxman, or from your local Courier Guy Kiosk point.

After items have been uploaded and approved will it be visible and advertised online on E Hawker under section “Items Arriving Soon”.  On arrival of your package from Pudo will items be sold on the next available auction.  From listing to sold +- 5 – 7 days depending on your location.

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